1901 — US President William McKinley is assassinated

William McKinley was neither the first nor the last United States President to be assassinated while in office. But he was perhaps the most kindly. When he was shot, his first thought was that whoever told his wife do so gently; his second, that the mob be prevented from killing his attacker.

The attacker in question was Leon Czolgosz, a man who had turned to anarchist thought after witnessing the brutral strike-breaking practices of his era. Ironically, he was an outcast among other anarchists, who found his talk of violent action and general fanaticism disturbing – some even suspected him of being an agent provocateur.

Czolgosz was arrested, refused to cooperate with his own defence, and was convicted and executed. McKinley died from the wounds Czolgosz had inflicted. He was succeeded as President by Theodoore Roosevelt.

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