The Beastlands

  • Type: a blend of a Heaven and an Other World, leaning towards the former.
  • Origin: TSR’s Planescape line
  • Admission: followers of the deities who live there, or those of neutral or chaotic good alignments.

Inhabited by over two dozen assorted deities who share, among other things, a love of nature and something of a restless spirit, this is the place you’ll wind up if you live in a 2nd Edition AD&D world and happen to fit the criteria. Consisting of three layers – one of eternal day, one of eternal night and one of eternal twilight, the Beastlands have virtually no built structures in them. Instead, infinite grasslands, forests, jungles, swamps and mountains stretch out, home to uncountable animals, were-creatures, and humanoids with animal features, such as centaurs.

Despite the dangers of nature red in tooth and claw, the Beastlands – also know as the Happy Hunting Grounds – are predominately beneficient in nature, rewarding good and punishing evil. Most creatures and entities that dwell here simply wish to be left alone.

The souls of humans and other sentient races that come here after death tend to slowly acquire the features of animals, transforming over the decades in celestial ideals of various beasts, usually with their intelligence intact.
Which is to say: this is where all Furries hope to go when they die 😉