The Good Book: Proverbs, chapter 13: Avarice

Now we’re getting to something meaty. One the Seven Deadly Sins, no less.

Place your bets now that Grayling manages to mess that up too.

1. The covetous do nothing well until they die.
2. Avarice and happiness do not share a home.
3. Avarice is a spur to industry.
And suddenly, it seems like we’re reading the Free Market Bible that the nuts at Conservapedia are doing.
4. It is not lack but abundance that breeds avarice.
True, but it’s also envy of other’s abundance.
5. They who covet are always poor.
Yes, but this does come across a little like sklavmoral. Take comfort ye poor, for in Heaven, etc, etc.
6. Poverty lacks much, avarice lacks everything.
And again.
7. Misers fear to use their gains.
8. The miser is as bereft of what he has as of what he lacks.
And yet again.