The Good Book: Proverbs, chapter 10: Art

Oh, and now the Don wants to think of himself as an artist. You know, a remixer or something.

1. Art has an enemy called ignorance..
Unlike this book, which has an enemy called boredom.
2. Art is not a thing, but a way.
True, but platitudinous.
3. Art may err, but nature never.
Because, of course, beauty is not necessarily truth.
4. Art is its own expression.
True, but platitudinous.
5. Art strives for form, and hopes for beauty, or truth; or both.
True, but platitudinous.
6. Great art is eternity arrested for an instant.
True, but platitudinous.
7. All the arts are brothers.
True, but platitudinous. And sexist.
8. Each art is a light to the others.
See, this is much a better way of saying what the one before it said.
9. The perfection of art is to conceal art.
Okay, I like this one.
10. What takes effect by chance is not art.
Is it not? Is a lightning strike not beautiful?