Beating Kryptonite like Aquaman

Aquaman gets a lot of crap for having lame powers. But when it comes to beating kryptonite, he may just have the most useful power of all. After all, he can talk to fish.

Stop for a moment and think about that means. The oceans cover about 70% of this planet’s surface, and they go a lot further down than any mountain goes up. Moreover, they’re inhabited at every depth, in all three dimensions. Land life is effectively two dimensional: for most life forms, it’s on the outer surface of the world. Even those that burrow don’t go anywhere near as deep as the oceans do. The total biomass of fish, molluscs, sea-going mammals and the rest dwarfs the total biomass of land-dwelling animals and plants.

And Aquaman can talk to all of them. Moreover, he has the humility to do so. He realises that he might be the King of the Seven Seas, but there’s still only one of him. And so he does the smart thing: he asks for information from the experts and advice from those he believes wiser than himself.

In itself, communication won’t beat kryptonite. But it will enable the avoidance of dead ends in trying to do so. It will enable the sharing of intelligence and wisdom both; the giving and receiving of emotional support, and much more besides. If you’re out of your depth, you could do a lot worse than to ask the advice of someone who swims there every day.

Still, talking is only half a conversation. Listening is the other half.

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