The Good Book: Proverbs, chapter 8: Appetite

At last, something different: still plenty of platitudinous, obvious statements, but now, with an added obscure metaphor. We’ll get there.

1. One always has a good appetite at another’s feast.
More with the obvious.
2. The full stomach turns even from the honey of Hybla.
Here’s our obscure metaphor: Hybla is apparently the name of a village in Sicily that was, in ancient days, famous for its honey.
Great, now I’m annotating these bloody things.

3. Seek appetite by toil.
4. A stomach seldom empty despises common food.
5. Where reason rules, appetite obeys
6. The poor lack meat for their stomach, the rich lack stomach for their meat.

I’ll see you here again next week, no doubt to continue to demonstrate Grayling’s mastery of the very, very obvious.