1932 – Al Capone begins his prison sentence

Alphonse ‘Al’ Capone had enjoyed a long and successful run as a gang leader in Chicago before the feds finally caught him. But they didn’t manage to get him on any of the murders, bootlegging, rum-running, assaults or robberies he’d committed (or ordered committed) – they got him on five counts of tax evasion. Capone’s 11 year sentence was a record high one for tax evasion, a sentence he began in the Atlanta U.S. Penitentiary.

Capone’s criminal charms would serve him well inside – he twice had to be relocated after suborning guards and obtaining illegal privileges. But when he landed in Alcatraz, his luck ran out. Unpopular with his fellow prisoners, Capone was eventually paroled with about six months of his sentence still to run. Things were no better outside of prison – the repeal of Prohibition had meant the end of Capone’s most lucrative racket and anyway, at 40 years old and in poor shape, he was in no condition to reclaim his old territories.

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