The Aeon Continuum and Wild Cards

One of the questions that’s never really answered in any of the Aeon games – not in Adventure!, Aberrant or Trinity – is what the source of these wonderful, terrible powers is. Oh, there are theories, but no one really knows for sure.

So it’s far from out of the question that they are the result of Takisian xenogenetic expertise. But if they are, so what? There’s no room for a Dr Tachyon figure in any of the game’s timelines – unless he’s not overt. Maybe he’s here, but with a lot more control over his own life, and still Takisian to the bone. None of this compassion and cure creation – this Tachy is an expert manipulator schooled in the politics of Takis and with powers of telepathy no human will be able to match, at least not in the eras of Adventure! or Aberrant. By the time Trinity rolls around, things are likely different – but of course, an immortal telepathic manipulator is more than likely behind one or more of the psionic orders (the Ministry of Psionic Affairs and Norça are the most likely candidates, although as a space-faring alien, no doubt Upeo wa Macho would also be of interest).

It’s hardly likely that the rest of Takis is sitting on its hands while one of their own builds an army on some distant planet, but even in the era of Trinity the Takisians remain elusive. (Perhaps they tried an invasion in one of the earlier eras and were repulsed without being identified?) They are certainly not either the Doyen or the Qin (although given the Qin’s skill with biotechnology, they may be some other Takisian’s attempt to build yet another power base).

So, in Adventure! or Aberrant, the Takisians make excellent covert antagonists or alien invaders; in Trinity, they’re a mysterious fourth space-faring power that no one seems to know about – although if humanity, the Doyen and the Qin trusted each other enough, they might have enough pieces to solve the puzzle…

The Aeon Continuum Wild Cards