The Good Book: Proverbs, chapter 1: Action

The Book of Proverbs divides itself into a total of 145 chapters, grouping its proverbs into subjects and arranging those subjects alphabetically. Since the relatively non-verbose nature of this book – in the sense that a proverb is a single sentence, rather than the sheer number of them – lends itself more easily to analysis, I’ll be individually dissecting each proverb, one chapter at a time. We may be here a while.

First up is Action:

1 – Action is the proper fruit of knowledge.
While I a gree that one should act on one’s information, the phrasing here seems to suggest that inaction is never the correct course of action. If Grayling truly believes this, he must have unhealed scabs dating back to his childhood.
2 – Great actions speak great minds.
Usually, yeah. Although it’s a poor world that allows for neither serendipity nor the occasional felix culpa.
3 – Actions need no trumpet.
4 – For the sake of one good act, a hundred ill acts might be forgiven.
Forgiven, perhaps, but never forgotten. And there must be restitution, atonement: no absolution without solution.