Starman #6 (April 1995)

1882: Back Stage, Back Then
(A Tale of Times Past)

Writer: James Robinson
Penciller: Teddy Kristiansen
Inkers: Christian Højgaard, Bjarne Hansen & Kim Hagen
Colorist: Gregory Wright
Letterer: John Workman, Bob Pinaha & Ken Bruzemak
Editors: Archie Goodwin & Chuck Kim (assistant)
Part of: Times Past
Reprinted in: Starman: Times Past, The Starman Omnibus, Volume One
Art by Tony Harris, image from the Grand Comics Database

Page One
Panel Two: “coffee as invented by God and the Irish” – Irish Coffee – is coffee with a dash of fine Irish Whiskey (Jameson’s if you’re Catholic, Bushmills if you’re Protestant).
Panel Three: The Shade’s Journal, as left with Jack by the Shade two issues back.

Page Two
Oscar is, of course, Oscar Wilde, noted Irish playwright and author. As the Shade notes, Wilde was involved in the Aesthetic philosophical movement.

Page Three
Panel One: Dickens is Charles Dickens, one of the most famous English writers of the early nineteenth century, famed for works like “David Copperfield” and “The Christmas Carol”. The character that the Shade inspired was Richard from “The Old Curiosity Shop”, written between 1840 and 1841.
Panel Four: Wilde here obliquely refers to Dickens’ 1853 novel “Bleak House”.
Panel Five: Andersen is Hans Christian Andersen, noted Danish writer of Fairy Tales.
Panel Six: I have been unable to identify this story – anyone else know?
Panel Seven: Although he’s not actually named here, this is the first mention of Culp, who will be a very important character as the series progresses.

Page Twenty-Four
Panel Three: the missing page is not insignificant, but it’s going to be a while before the reason why is revealed.

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