Showcase ’95 #12 (December 1995)

Incident in an Old Haunt

Writer: James Robinson
Penciller: Wade Von Grawbadger
Inker: Wade Von Grawbadger
Colorist: Debbie McKeever
Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos
Editors: Chuck Kim
Part of: Underworld Unleashed
Reprinted in: The Starman Omnibus, vol. 2
Art by Tom Grummett, image from the Grand Comics Database

Page One
Panel One – And here we see the Shade pursuing his investigation of Merritt’s poster. Central City is another of DC’s fictional towns, most famous as the home of every Flash but the first one.

Page Four
Neron, seen here, is a version of Satan who was introduced to the DC universe at around this time in Mark Waid’s Underworld Unleashed crossover. He’s usually less of a ham than this.

Page Six
Panel One – Shade’s philosophical hair-splitting here reflects his own uncertainty at where he falls on the spectrum between hero and villain at the current time.
Panel Two – Jack’s painting is another subject that will be returned to. Someday.
Panel Three – seen here, the Shadow Theif and Killer Frost, both of whom had their powers increased by Neron elsewhere in the crossover.
Panel Four – likewise, Metallo, Cheetah and Doctor Phosphorous, the latter of whom will be important to these annotations in the near future. Incidentally, this also explains why I have chosen to annotate this particular story here – it logically precedes the storyline of issues #11-15.
Panel Five and Six – Neron here basically summarises the premise of Underworld Unleashed.

Page Nine
Panel One – Neron taking offence here is actually kind of out of character for him compared to the rest of the crossover, although perhaps it’s the Shade’s mockery of him that really rankles.
Panel Four – A classic bilingual pun here – rue means both regret in English and street in French. On the other hand, Shade’s breezy dismissal of Neron here will come back to haunt him. But not for quite some time.

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