This is the most general section of this site – it largely consists of two types of posts: me thinking out loud posts and purely administrative posts. If you want to know what I think about, well, any number of things, this is the place to look – and most days, there will be at least one new post here.

Some but not all of the posts in this section are divided up into the following categories – all but one of them irregularly appearing:

No Fixed Schedule:
Alertsvery occasional posts, usually regarding political causes I find both important and urgent.

Militant AgnosticI’m an agnostic. Sometimes I get fired up about it and write on the subject.

Mugwump Jismreviews and commentary of a very particular sensibility.

Station Keepinggeneral announcements and navigation aids.
Weekly Updatesa quick list of all the new content added and old content revised on the site over the course of the previous week – including all the content that won’t show up on the RSS feeds.
The Whole Shebang:
BloggingEverything in the above categories, plus the stuff that only finds a home in the parent category.

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