Note Perfect, part six

For the life of him, Eric couldn’t see what Delores Nash and Fred Howell had in common, aside from living in San Francisco and being dead. So far as he knew, they’d never even met. So there was really only one thing to do: research.

Eric liked people, liked talking to people, but he knew that a lot of people didn’t find the feeling mutual, and grieving families tended to be near the top of that list. So instead of badgering relatives with questions, he hit the library. It was amazing what you could dig up in a decent newspaper morgue if you just had the patience to do it.

It was unfortunate that he would have to go downtown to the city library – Eric hated riding the bus, but it was too far to cycle – but only the San Francisco Public Library would have the papers he was looking for, and maybe not even them. He might have to try the archives at the local area papers’ publishers. But he’d cross that bridge when and if he came to it. Today was simply about research, and only beginning research at that. Well, research and staying out of trouble. Hopefully he wouldn’t get hassled by any pigs – and for once, he wouldn’t go out of his way to provoke them either.

Eric had a higher mission, today. The pigs could wait – it wasn’t like they wouldn’t be there tomorrow, after all. Delores Nash and Fred Howell, on the other hand, were all out of tomorrows, and Eric intended to find out why. He’d written everything he could think of about the two murdered people in his notebook, and he’d work through each lead he could for as long as it took.

And hope like Hell that he found some answers before anyone else got killed.

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