Note Perfect, part nine

Excerpted Transcript of “Meet The Press”, June 17, 1962.

In what police are referring to as “a disturbing development”, the NYPD today officially confirmed that a new drug was now being sold on the streets of Manhattan. Citing the highly dangerous and addictive nature of the drug, known to its users as Visible Music, NYPD Commissioner Michael J. Murphy today called for the drug to be made illegal.

His call was echoed by his fellow Commissioners across the country and around the world, and at the time of this writing, 23 US Senators and 84 Congressmen have pledged to pass legislation criminalizing the drug. Attorney-General Robert Kennedy said that the matter would be taken under advisement at the next round of Senate hearings, but added that he believes that criminalization of the drug is the most likely result.

The drug was first seen in America as early as 1957, but is believed to have first entered wide use in 1958 at about the time of the United States trade embargo against the Communist state in Cuba. It is described by users as enhancing the quality of experience of listening to music in much the same way that a fine wine is said to enhance the quality of a meal. However, critics of the drug were quick to point out its harmful aspects, which include temporary and in some cases permanent mutation. It is believed that doctors at Johns Hopkins are currently researching a potential link between the drug and cancer.

Senator Storm Thurmond is a staunch opponent of the drug who had led the calls for it to be made illegal; he joins us live in the studio tonight…

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