Notes toward Mage: The Ascension 2.0 part three – The Theocracy

Like the Technocracy and the Traditions, the Theocracy finds it necessary to have all nine spheres covered. After all, their opponents do. But like the Technocacy and unlike the Traditions, the Theocracy has fewer groups, so some of them need to double up on their sphere responsibilities. The different sub-groups of the Theocracy are called Orders, and are as follows:

  • The Order of Hospitalliers — devoted to spiritual and physical healing, the Hospitalliers are the Order that most deals with the person in the street. Their spheres are Life and Spirit, although many of them also study Mind – because many of them regard ‘mental disorders’ such as homosexuality and being pro-abortion as diseases in need of ‘curing’.
  • The Order of Prophets — the planning and guidance arm of the Theocracy, the Prophets specialise in Time and Entropy. They are regarded with some trepidation by the rest of the Theocracy, who do not know quite what to make of them – they seem to swing back and forth between being hopelessly out of touch with reality, to being frightening present in way that makes mere synchronicity seem like a parlour trick.
  • The Order of Soldiers — the militant arm of the Theocracy, frontline soldiers in the Ascension War. Their specialities are Forces and Matter. They are the least subtle of the Orders – the ones who bomb abortion clinics.
  • The Order of Society — the doctrinal and publicity arm of the Theocracy. They specialise in Mind and Correspondence. Whenever one of the other Orders oversteps the mark, the Society is there to correct the public’s misperception.

In addition to these orders, there are two other, special orders:

  • The Order of Tzadikim Nistarim — the leadership of the Theocracy, 36 men and women whose unshakable faith in their own righteousness is probably even greater than their faith in God. They use all spheres, but all 36 of them are highly skilled in Prime.
  • The Order of Assassins — the smallest order and best kept secret of the Theocracy, the Assassins are the black ops squad who most of the Theocracy does not even realise exists. They are allowed to use every sphere, but favour Entropy, Correspondence and Life.

The former Celestial Chorus has expanded greatly, but it has done so at the loss of some of its more mystical members – there are no Sufis left in the Theocracy (they are now Orphans or members of the Dreamspeakers) – they have been replaced by a host of Awakened fundamentalists.

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