The Rock’n’Roll History of the World

The soundtrack that history class should have had, but never did!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the subject matter of popular music all too often concerns itself with historical events, whether by simply referring to them, or by actually telling the stories of particular events. The Rock ‘n’ Roll History of the World attempts to track these events, and to tell you a little bit more about each of them.

Each day, a new event that occurred on that day some years earlier is related. (On those rare occasions where a day seems to have had nothing worthy of a song occur upon it, the day’s entry may consist of a historical event for which no exact date is known.) When you look at them here, they will each be listed in chronological order, with the earliest events listed first.

There are three ways to view The Rock ‘n’ Roll History of the World:

  1. The complete, unexpurgated Rock’n’Roll History of the World – every entry in chronological order.
  2. Via the Rock’n’Roll History of the World Calendar
  3. Or by concentrating on just one of the following categories:
    Which includes both the committing of crimes and the carrying out of sentencing for them, or otherwise related to crime and criminals.
    All arts and popular entertainment, and anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else.
    Events which, while they did manifestly occur, have no recorded date. In some cases, like the Big Bang, this is because the date is an estimate; in others, it’s because I have been unable to find an accurate date – and in the latter cases, I’d love to be able to rectify that, so please let me know if you have more details!
    Depressions, booms, legislation and important firsts.
    Historical canards and misconceptions, many of them widely accepted as fact.
    Events that are recounted only in works of fiction.
    Events projected to occur at some point in the future.
    Events of either dubious historicity or outright myth.
    Including wars, which are after all, merely the continuation of politics by other means.
    Including both events in religious history and in religious dogma.
    Discoveries, new technologies and events discovered only through the application of science.
    Any and all sporting events, or events related to athletes.

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