The Lokiverse

The Lokiverse is an inter-connected fictional universe in which the vast majority of my writings take place. It is an increasingly fictionalised version of our world.

Stories set in this world vary from hard science fiction to occult thriller to romantic comedy, and every one of them has at least one connection to the other stories – and often to the works of other writers as well. (As it becomes necessary, I’ll post annotations to those outward connections here too.)

Most stories in the Lokiverse are set in Melbourne, often featuring my signature character and alter-ego Jeremy Taylor. And all of them are connected, in one wise or another, to each other.

A complete (on publication here) list in chronological order is as follows:

1926 CE The Treachery of Prince Sernine
1992 CE Two Bloody Marys, Easy on the Mary (fragment)
2005 CE Katrina’s Widower (incomplete)
2008 CE The Brunswick Street Irregulars (incomplete)
2008 CE The Training of Young Demons
2009 CE The Triumph of the OCD Chicken
circa 2800 CE The Ducal Line (incomplete)

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