Original Fictions

I write a lot, but unfortunately, I tend towards the somewhat peripatetic. There are four seperate fictional settings to be found on this site, and while I’m trying to finish the stories currently ongoing in them, there are currently seven different continuing storylines progressing here.

The Lokiverse
Stories set in an inter-connected universe (with no shortage of connections to other people’s universes, either). It’s largely this world, only more interesting. Crime, urban fantasy, suspense, horror, science fiction and probably more besides before I’m done.

A pulpy, superheroey universe – I like to think of it as a universe of science heroes (even the magical ones).

Note Perfect
An alternate history in which the Sixties are just like the Sixties we know, only moreso, and with weirder drugs. And for much longer.

A world of fantasy and high weirdness, inspired by writers like Roger Zelazny and Clark Ashton Smith.

The Truth About Melbourne
Suburb by suburb, the secret, serious, silly, almost but not quite entirely fictional history of Melbourne.

Vigil for a Dragon
The tale of the death of a dragon, and those who gather for it. Set in a slightly more traditional fantasy world than Teleran – but only slightly.

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