The Devil Went Down to Eastwick

Welcome to something a little different from what you’ve previously seen in Crossing Over. Today, instead of crossing over just two sources, I’ll be creating a whole chain of crossovers, using The Witches of Eastwick as a starting point.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride, folks.

So, at some point around 1986 or so, the Devil, as he is wont to do, went down to a small New England town where he seduced three witches: Alexandra, Jane, and Sukie. He got each of these three women pregnant, intending to use the offspring to increase his own power on Earth. Fortunately, the good ladies got the upper hand over him, and exiled him back to Hell.

But you don’t dance with the devil in the pale moonlight and come away unscathed. Jane, who was wound a little tighter than Alexandra or Sukie to begin with, didn’t do so well in the days after the devil’s defeat. Her child died, leaving behind only the daughters of her two friends. Before too long, the three friends had come to a parting of ways, with Sukie and Alexandra more or less satisfied with their lives and Jane desperately seeking more power.

She eventually set off on an inter-dimensional journey, seeking either the devil or some other source of power. In her absence, Alexandra and Sukie fled Eastwick for another, even more anonymous town. Here, they changed their names to Frances and Jet, and told their daughters, Gillian and Sally, a very different story about the origin of the family’s mystic powers. It was a practical measure, intended to ensure their anonymity and safeguard them from Jane’s possible return.

Jane, on the other hand, eventually found herself in the magical land of Andalasia, where she was able to make herself Queen through the use of her magics – thus increasing her powers even more greatly than before. She too adopted a new name, concealing the power of her true name from those who might seek to control her. The former Jane ruled as Queen Narissa.

In time, the Queen realised that she would need an heir. But rather than endure childbirth again, she decided instead to steal one. She reached out across dimensions in her search, but what she got was not what anyone expected.

Back on Earth, and also in New England, Professor Charles Xavier had gathered the team of mutant adventurers he called the X-Men. Their leader was the mutant Scott Summers, codenamed Cyclops. His lot was a tragic one: he was unable to see the woman he loved due to his uncontrollable mutant powers, which caused beams like those of lasers to burst from his eyes constantly; the woman he loved, Jean Grey, later sacrificed her life to save Cyclops and other X-men: and when she did return from the grave, she promptly killed him.

Or did she?

Phoenix’s disintergration of Scott occurred at the exaxt same time as Narissa’s summoning. Scott Summers was not slain, but rather, pulled through a dimensional warp to Andalasia. Here, Narissa’s magics removed his mutant powers, much of his age, and his memory. She renamed the boy Edward and led him to believe that he was her step-son. However, even with his memory erased, his essential nobility (and, unfortunately, his essential gormlessness) still shone through.

This would come in handy when his fiance, Giselle, was pulled to Earth herself, and fell in love with another man. Edward found a new love of his own, married her, and inherited the rule of the kingdom from the evil Narissa after the queen’s death at Giselle’s hands.

Giselle herself was also originally from Earth, and had suffered a similar loss of memory and aging to that of Edward herself, although she came from many decades earlier than he did, having originally been aviatrix Amelia Earhart.

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