Planescape and Mage: The Ascension

In the High Umbra that the Mages of the World of Darkness travel, the realms that they are encounter are largely conceptual. The High Umbra is a place of dreams and ideals given form. So it makes a certain amount of sense that a setting such as Planescape, which is at base little more than a literalisation of philoshopical differences (expressed largely in terms of Dungeons & Dragons’ alignment system), would exist here too.

But the factions of Mage and Planescape align strangely.

The Nephandi, for example, have some allies amongst the denizens of the lower planes, especially the Gray Wastes and Carceri, but for the most part, the inhabitants of the Planescape are interested in winning the philsophical debating game, not destroying it and all its players. The Marauders have many allies at the Chaotic end of things, from the Beastlands through to Pandemonium (plus the Xaositects in Sigil), and the Technocracy at the Lawful, although the vast majority of them are in Mechanus. The Traditions are a little more varied, rarely allying on the basis of Alignment, but instead forming loose networks across the planes – or with factions inside Sigil itself.

The Euthanatos find much to agree with among both the Dustmen and the Doomguard; the Celestial Chorus and the Believers in the Source find their beliefs qite similar. The Cult of Ecstasy and the Society of Sensation enjoy partying together, while the Akashic Brotherhood and the Transcendant Order prefer practicing katas and meditating.

Some factions are equally attractive to all the traditions: the philosophies of the Sign of One and the Fraternity of Order are equally applicable across the traditions, while every tradition harbours a small hardcore of fanatics who butt heads with but grudgingly admire the Harmonium, the Fated or both.

The Lady of Pain, of course, keeps dark on these subjects – although some Mages speculate about a connection between her powers and those of Paradox… although never while in Sigil.

Planescape   Mage: the Ascension
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