Flash Gordon and GURPS Banestorm

So, this time around it’s farewell to the DC Universe – though I’m sure we’ll be back someday – and hello to GURPS Banestorm (previously known as GURPS Yrth and GURPS Fantasy).

And while we’re at it, I want to make a pledge to you regarding this chain of crossovers: I will never cross two GURPS books over with each other. Well, not unless I know for a fact that no one else has already done so 🙂

On with the show:

So Flash Gordon was ripped from Earth to the far distant world of Mongo. And thousands of people were ripped from Earth (and at least three other worlds) to Yrth. Does anyone else see a pattern here?

After all, we’ve never found out what the other continents of Yrth are like – the two settings could easily fit into the same world. A less easy mix is the differences – Yrth is big on the magical side of things, Mongo is a world of super-science. But a sufficiently pulpy approach to the combined setting should make that less of an issue. And despite the different rationales for their powers, the two worlds are fairly well-balanced.

It’s not like there isn’t room – the maps of Yrth depict only a single continent, Ytarria, and various nearby islands. And the only map of Mongo I’ve seen (here) covers even less territory. These two areas could easily exist on the same planet, without doing too much violence to either concept.

It also opens the door to a new origin for Mongo itself, as the Banestorm becomes the explanation for how so many strange worlds came to co-exist – perhaps Prince Barin’s Arborians are the descendants of Robin Hood’s men, transported to Yrth. Perhaps Vultan’s Hawkmen are from the sylvan world of Loren’dil, and Prince Thun’s Lionmen are from the hot jungles of Gabrook. But where Ming the Merciless came from and what is the source of his powers remains a mystery – unless the rumours about him being the mightiest of the Dark Elves are true, that is.

In any case, it seems to me that the most fun way to introduce this crossover is for the Sky City of King Vultan to come floating over whatever part of Yrth your players are currently marching through…

Flash Gordon GURPS Banestorm

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