In the course of my travels, I’ve collected various things – traveling light (or, when digital transmissions occur via optic fibre, traveling as light), I’ve mostly collected ideas, tropes, fictional locations and substances, but also such things as the contents of this site. (It gets a literal self-referential at times, but that’s what hypertexts are supposed to do.)

My Compilations to date include:

1001 Afterlives to Visit After You Die
Exactly what it sounds like: the logical continuation of all those books of 1001 things to do before you die.
Beating Kryptonite
I try my hand at inspirational writing – expanding on the metaphor of Kryptonite and giving a little advice.
The Campaign for Symmetrical English
Filling in the missing words of English whose existence is implied by other words.
Pharmacopoeia Fantastica
An index of fictional drugs.
Soundtrack Incomplete
The songs from the films, and where to find them.
Where Are They Now?
Answering this question for a range of different fictional worlds.
Weekly Updates
The headlines from this site, for people who don’t want to wade through everything, delivered once a week.

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