Communicate, Dammit! – an introduction

At first glance, Communicate, Dammit! probably seems like a pretty odd choice for a blog title – especially one about communication. But there’s a method to this (seeming) madness. Two, in fact.

The first is the simpler one. Communicate, Dammit! is an expression of the frustration that is all too often the result of poor communication. Whether it’s poor spelling or simply unclear expression, poor communication is a problem that we all suffer from. This blog is an attempt to come to grips with that. It’s my intention here to discuss what I think communication is, and how we can all improve it. Not every post here is going to be relevant to every reader, but I hope that even the ones telling you things you already know will not leave you feeling you’ve wasted your time.

The second reason for the name is to make a point. In just two words, the expression Communicate, Dammit! accomplishes a whole lot. It’s a complete sentence, an imperative, an expression of both desire and frustration. But it also, in one sense, delineates the limits at each end of a range of communication.

Communicate is formal and broad. It leaves no room for doubt in what is meant, yet at the same time, it does not specify the nature of the communication, by either its mode or its content. It simply requests a response.

Dammit, on the other hand, is informal to the point of being considered profanity by some people. Even to those who do not regard it as a profanity, it is still at more or less the outer limit of polite words. There are substitutes for it that are both more and less profane, but the choice of this word in particular sends a message all by itself. And while it too specifies neither a mode nor a content for the desired communication, it does serve to emphasise just how devoutly that communication is wished.

So, here we are. I hope you’ll be back next week to read on, and even more, I’d love to get some debate going in the comments of this blog.

See you next week,

PS – Communicate, Dammit!

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