Chess variant: The Joust

The Joust is a simple enough variation on Chess. It affects only one kind of piece – and if you know anything about jousting, you’ll know that the piece in question is the Knight.

It works like this:

  • At any time that two Knights of opposing colours have a direct access between them – i.e. if there are no intervening pieces located in the same rank or file as both Knights, the player whose turn it is can challenge the other to a joust.
  • The challenge cannot be refused, and once it is underway, no other moves can be made until it is resolved.
  • Both Knights move toward each other. They move only a single space towards each other, alternating, until they meet somewhere in the middle.
  • At the point where both pieces occupy the same space, the challenging piece takes the other piece.
  • The whole process takes only a single turn, that of the challenging player.
  • In all other circumstances, Knights move as usual.

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