Update: Period Ending May 9, 2016

Well, that took a while.

There’s considerable upheaval here at The Centre Cannot Hold, which is living up to its name. The Rock’n’Roll History of the World is getting a makeover (largely aimed at simplifying the site), and some parts of the site – notably the Trade Paperback Timelines and Crossover Reading Orders – are being gradually moved away to a new site. This new site is at Reading Orders, and each timeline is being moved, reformatted and (if necessary) updated. (The old pages hosting this material will be updated with pointers to the new site.)

There’s a good chance of this site getting re-skinned in the near future, but there should be no other changes to the content here.

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Update: Period Ending February 8, 2016

And then it was a month later…

There are many culprits for the lack of work I’ve been doing here – illness, weather conditions, my grief over the death of David Bowie, time spent working for other people, laziness – but I think lack of organisation is one of the bigger problems. Fortunately, I’ve spent a lot of the last week working out what I wanted to get done and how I was going to do it. Progress has, I think, been made, but of course the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

This time next week, there’ll pudding on your plate… or pudding on my face.

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Update: Period Ending September 14, 2015



Trade Paperback Timelines



The Podcast History of the World

Trade Paperback Timelines

Update: Week Ending July 27, 2015

Not a lot this week – I’ve added quite a few new entries to the Podcast History and done a little bit more work updating entries in Trade Paperback Timelines.

I realise that this stuff is kind of dry, but it’s what interests me to work on right now, and also, there actually are no new Rock’n’Roll History entries for July – I’ve posted every last one that I know of (which doesn’t rule out me learning about other songs in the future, just that for the moment, the well is dry). There are new entries coming up in August, so that’s something to look forward to. And some point soon, I’m going to be heading back into Crossing Over, with new entries popping up there, too.
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Update: Week Ending July 20, 2015

Weird, huh?

I mean, this Weekly Update immediately follows the last one in the feed. It looks like I’ve done nothing when I’ve literally created hundreds of new posts. But to list them all here would overwhelm this entire page with a long, long list of years. And I don’t want to do that. So instead, what I’ve decided to do is simply to list which podcasts and which periods have had material added to them this week. I realise that it’s not a great solution, but it allows this post to be much, much shorter than would otherwise be the case.
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Update: Week Ending July 13, 2015

So I got impatient this week, and pulled the trigger on something I’ve been working on for a while, launching it even though there’s still lots and lots of work to be done on it. But it was time: The Podcast History of the World‘s hour had come round at last, and it is born. (Messily, like all births.) I’m trying not to spam people with too many new posts to it on any given day, but given that there will be somewhere in the region of 3000 posts all up, I also want to get them up in a reasonable span. Still working on a compromise there, folks.

I’m not going to be ignoring other features of the site (although I’m still wavering on how I want to deal with The Rock’n’Roll History of the World, although I am determined to come to an end of it in the not too distant future.

Also, I’ve been working on the Trade Paperback Timelines, and the main Marvel Universe one is nearly up to date with its reformatting (and with a lot of new volumes added to the more recent pages), but I don’t want to release it until I can put up all the reformatted pages, and I’m currently about 3/4 of the way through 2011. So it’s getting closer, but it’s still a ways off.
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Update: Period Ending July 6, 2015

That was a much, much longer break than I intended. Things aren’t helped much by the fact that The Rock’n’Roll History of the World is winding down – although there’s still more than two hundred entries to go, they’re spread out over the next six years (assuming I continue to publish each on its correct day). And aside from The Campaign for Symmetrical English, I don’t really have anything daily to do right now on the site, which makes ignoring it that much easier.

I’m thinking I might start doing some of the challenges from the 30 Day Challenge Archive, just to give me something to write about here. I did something like this before, and I really enjoyed it, so there’s that. (Suggestions gladly accepted.)

Anyway, here’s the (embarrassingly small) amount of new stuff I’ve done here since June 16:
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