Allswell is a chemical that naturally occurs in the human brain (at least, the humans of Arbre). It makes people feel a sense of well-being and optimism. Some centuries ago, it was genetically engineered into the plant named Blithe, which is a dietary staple throughout Arbre.

Throughout Arbre except in the maths, that is. The avout are forbidden to consume it – or even to grow it – and their time spent outside their maths is limited to ten days in order to stop it from starting to affect them adversely.

Beng Lie

Beng Lie is a powerful suppressant of the will.

It is of Oriental origin, and appears to be a preparation of a variety of drugs and herbs, very likely including opium. Under its effects, users become more submissive, and more receptive to hypnotic and other suggestions, although the very strong-willed can shake off these effects.

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Bentlam, also known as benny, ben weed and happy sleep, is am alien drug similar in chemical composition to earthly marijuana. It is, however, prepared to avastly higher degree of purity than any marijuana or hashish or Earth ever was.

In effect, it is a mild euphoric that induces a state of pleasant drowsiness in its users. Other symptoms include impaired physical coordination, although cognition is unaffected. It is illegal in most jurisdictions.

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Kimmy Schmidt

Dyziplen is the trade name of the behaviour-modifying drug Nitrosedaticam Dedehydro Epoxy Methylmorphixan Diacectate Calminhydrate. Sold in the form of 400mg capsules, Dyziplen is the latest and most fashionable treatment for misbehaving children among the wealthy trophy wives of Manhattan. It is the go-to treatment for hyperactivity, ADHD and Kanye West Spectrum Disorder. It’s not handed out as the treatment for a particular diagnosis, but just for kids who are, you know, inconveniently behaving like kids.

Dyziplen takes a little while to kick in, but once it does, it turns the user into a polite, well-spoken, emotionless, slow-moving automaton who is incapable of recognising music or colour. It’s very likely that a certain amount of bribery caused this dangerously strong chemical to be fast-tracked through the approvals process by the FDA.


Gamedone was introduced to the market following the end of the fourth season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” to help viewers deal with their withdrawal from the show. Produced by The Wil Wheaton Project, Gamedone blocks the part of your brain that appreciates quality television, and reduces symptoms such as compulsive rewatching, crossbow murder and the urge to see loved ones die.

Gamedone is available in capsule form, and is guarenteed to make you feel like a king (a still-living king, not one of the many dead ones who have featured in “Game of Thrones“).


Icpathua is a sedative created from a plant that grows naturally in wherever it is that the true human beings (not vodsels like you and I) come from. Like most matters regarding the human beings, it is shrouded in mystery.

It appears to me a mild euphoric when consumed by human beings directly from the plant, but can also be refined into a strong sedative that knocks out even the strongest vodsel males. In the latter capacity, it was used as part of an extensive hunting operation in eastern Scotland, to capture vodsels for their meat, which is considered a delicacy by human beings, and shipped back to their home to be sold at extortionate prices.


Developed by Control as yet another weapon in the battle for the safety of the free world, Immobilo is a colourless liquid. Administered by injection, it causes paralysis in the user for approximately 30 seconds, and also prevents the formation of memories during this time.


Immobilo will affect mot body types normally, but certain amino chemicals in peaches counteract its effects – if one has eaten a peach, one is immune to the drug’s effects for several hours thereafter.


The origins of Kwil have never been made public. Although it is primarily a mood stabiliser, it is highly idiosyncratic in its reponses – although in large enough quantities it is a sedative, that size of that quantity varies wildly and unpredictably from person to person.

Unusually, for an hallucinogen, it does not cause hallucinations while the drug is in effect, but instead as a symptom of the hangover after it wears off. And like the sedative effects, the hallucinogenic effects are also wildly variable.

Fortunately, the effects do not vary from dose to dose – once a particular person has sampled the drug, they can have a fairly reliable idea of what its effects will be for them henceforth.


Invented by 12 year old evil genius Oliver Watson (when he was much younger), Lazopril is a drug with a number of effects, including sudden uncontrollable flatulence and a rapid diminution of levels of hostility and motivation in those dosed with it. Watson has equipped his bodyguards with it, and they generally shoot it into those he designates in the form of tiny darts.

Unfortunately for Oliver, Lazopril also delays the beginning of one’s adolescent growth spurt by about three months for each dose – something Oliver only realised after mixing up the early batches without wearing gloves. If you should meet Oliver, do not make jokes about his height.


Growing on, and forming almost the entire diet of the inhabitants of an un-named island in the Mediterranean off the coast of North Africa, the Lotus plant is infamous for its powerful stupefying effects. The people who live on this island have no recognizable culture other than consumption of the Lotus plant, extreme lassitude and a certain lazy friendliness to outsiders. The only known name for them is that given them in contempt by Ulysses, Lotus-Eaters.

Basically, the Lotus-Eaters live an idyllic life of being perpetually stoned. No wonder they so offended a man of action like Ulysses.


NoLag is an over-the-counter medicine for preventing jetlag. Unfortunately, it is not available until around 2034 CE. It is very effective, but a little hit or miss in its effects.

NoLag consists of two timed effects. The first is a sedative, to allow sleep, following by a stimulant to wake up the user. It is released on a time delay many hours after the sedative. NoLag is undeniably effective, but has been known to cause hallucinatory effects in the particularly sleep-deprived.


Prozium, acclaimed as the great nepenthe, the opiate of the masses and the glue of the great (repressively dystopian) society, is a highly potent sedative that deadens nearly all emotions to a dull hum. Although given that it is apparently still necessary to destroy any art that might provoke an emotional response, one might well ask just how effective it truly is.

Prozium is described as an anesthetic for the emotions, which implies that they’re still there, they just can’t be felt. Still, there are some people who regard the sacrifice of all the higher emotions as a fair exchange for getting rid of the lower ones – and they’re the same people who run the world.