Believing, Disbelieving, and Not Believing

Okay, so last week, I covered how I got here. But I know I didn’t really say where here is.

Understand, I can’t really say what all agnostics believe (or don’t believe) – I can only say what I hold to be true.

On the plus side, this isn’t very much, so this will probably be relatively short πŸ™‚

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Militant Agnostic

Although I have a whole lot of plans for this particular column, I find that starting it is the hardest part. Funny, huh?

So I figured I’d just start at the beginning. This is the beginning for me, how I came to be where I am. These are my two stories about this: the story of how I became an agnostic, and the story of how I became militant about it.

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The Sacred Art of Telling It Like It Isn’t

Everybody lies.

Oh, you can claim otherwise, but you will, of course, be lying if you do so.

C’mon, we all know that everyone else lies – is it truly that big a leap to admit that you do too? Oh no. You lie, and you know you lie. I won’t humiliate you by trying to trap you into admitting it. Just admit it to yourself, and we can move on, okay?

This essay (or series of essays, depending on how wordy I wax), is intended to be a comprehensive look at the hows of lying, including an analysis of the various ways of lying and the pros and cons of each, and some thoughts about how and why lies are detected.

What it will not be, at least until the very end of this, is any sort of moral judgement. I don’t care why you lie. Your motives, rationales, justifications and ass-covering do not interest me – any more, I imagine, than mine would interest you.

No, I just want to talk about lying.

I want to talk about it as frankly, as honestly and as non-judgmentally as possible. This may prove discomforting for some of you to read, if you are unaccustomed to considering this matter dispassionately. If so, just navigate away now. It’s a blog. No one can tell if you’ve read it or not.

Unless, of course, they catch you in a lie about it…

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