The Neanderthal Afterlife

The Neanderthals of the alternate timeline have virtually no spiritual beliefs. They do not believe in any deities or spirits, any other realms or dimensions (other than the physically provable alternate timeline), and certainly no afterlife. Their reaction to the spiritual beliefs of homo sapiens is either polite confusion or open derision.

In fact, their entire morality is based on the idea that there is only one life, and thus, it is important to get things right the first time.

The Neanderthal morality would be absolutely loved by Richard Dawkins.

Warren Ellis’ WildStorm Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell are, in this cosmology, nothing more than siege engines endlessly pushing against each other, powered by the souls that each one takes in. There is, apparently, no escape from them.

Or rather, there wasn’t until the Russian nuclear program really got going. In Kazakhstan, there’s a bar called The Last Shot. Every photo on its walls belongs to one of “the triumphant dead” – people who died strapped to nukes detonated underground. Apparently, something in the electromagnetic pulse of a nuclear detonation disrupts and destroys the soul as well as the body. Those who die this way die safe in the knowledge that their souls will be denied to both hell and heaven.