Note Perfect, part fourteen

“Three?” said Jim disbelievingly.
“Three,” confirmed Eric.
“You’re not counting the guy in the library, are you?” asked Vincent.
“Of course I am,” said Eric. “He’s definitely a part of this.”
“I don’t see it,” said Vincent.
“Did you read his eulogy?” asked Eric.
“Uh, no?” said Vincent, but Jim was already flipping through the pages of the newspaper.
“Librarian at San Francisco Public Library for the last five years; before that, librarian at Andersen Military Base since 1963. You’re thinking there’s a connection there?”
“Jim, there is no Andersen military base. Not since 1957. It was shut down.”
“Ike shut a military base down?” asked Vincent.
“I did some digging. Apparently there was a big radiation leak there.”
“And it was too dangerous to go in. They quarantined the area.”
“But this guy worked there for more than a decade, starting six years after it was shut down?”
“Okay, that’s suspicious, but I don’t see the connection,” said Jim.
“I’m still trying to find the connection,” admitted Eric. “But there’s more yet. I spoke to Greg.”
“Greg? That conspiracy nut?”
“Well, you know. I like to speak to the experts.”
“And what did he say?” asked Vincent.
“He said that there was no radiation leak. That that was just a cover story for what really happened.”
“And what really happened?” prompted Jim.
“A chemical spill.”

Note Perfect, part 15

“I don’t see it,” said Vincent. “A chemical spill. So what?”
“So, Andersen Base was the home of MK-ULTRA,” explained Eric.
“Oh,” said Jim. “Oh, shit. Those fucks are involved in this?”
“Looks like.”
“MK-ULTRA? Aren’t they the brainwashing squad?” asked Vincent.
“That’s them.”
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