Tricillin PDF

Tricillin PDF is broad-spectrum abti-viral that is effective against a great number of illnesses that afflict the assorted humanoid species of the Star Trek Universe. While little has been revealed about it, it seems to be a commonly-used drug across the Federation, and its name implies that it may be an antibiotic.

The most prominent use of Tricillin PDF was during the so-called ‘Double Helix’ incidents, where the drug proved effective at slowing the effects of some strains of the ‘Double Helix”, a series of weaponized viruses. For one particular strain, it halted the progress of the disease entirely, but it was not a cure. Extensive use of Tricillin PDF was successful is prolonging the lives of many of the infected until cures could be found, however.

Compound V

A drug that grants superpowers, Compound V was first developed by Dr Hans Vogelbaum in the thirties in Nazi Germany. He fled to America where he continued his research, attracting the corporate sponsorship of Vought-American, who used it to create the first actual superteam in the later days of World War Two. Over the years, many variants of Compound V have been created by Vogelbaum or others following on from him (including one version created by the Nazis working from the fragmented notes he left behind).

Compound V gives each person who takes it different powers, although the CIA team known as the Boys use a highly stable variant with predictable powers (strength, toughness, healing and delayed aging). The only real pattern observable is that the earlier in life the dose is taken, the stronger the powers tend to be – and since Compound V is mutagenic at a genetic level, its effects are also inheritable.

Unfortunately for almost everyone involved, Compound V was created in a world where power, almost without exception, corrupts – and super-power even moreso.


Tranquilax is a stimulant, a sedative and a laxative. Produced by the Tranquilax company of Orbiston Parva, England, it is colloquially known as “the three in one.” It is sold in tablet form, and advertised as the drug to take “when life’s not worth living.”

However, after attracting criticism from the Reverend John Smallwood, vicar of Orbiston Parva, the stock value of Tranquilax plummeted. But once Smallwood was removed, and his criticism silenced, Tranquilax was renamed Triple Crown Unction, and with a new slogan(“Builds you up; Cleans you out”) it returned to its normal sales position.


Xperience is a tailored gene-therapy, consumed as a drug in aerosolised form via an inhaler. It is a product of the Sublime Corporation, created from the genetic material of assorted mutants, mostly members of the X-Men (since they have the highest media profile and Sublime intends to market the drug). A brief snort of it will power up the user with the powers of the X-Man in question for several hours. It appears to be mildly addictive.

Known members of the X-Men whose genetic material was used to create varieties of Xperience include Wolverine, Deadpool, Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Angel, Emma Frost, Professor X and Jean Grey in both her Marvel Girl and Phoenix incarnations. (But not Adam X. Never Adam X.) However, due to the efforts of the X-Men, Xperience is no longer being created, and only a few stolen samples of it still exist.


Five years after the rampage of Edward Hyde, a new, refined version of the serum that created him became available in London. Dr. John Utterson, a friend of Dr. Henry Jekyll, took up the study of his fallen comrade, eventually creating the high society sensation that was the drug, Liberation.

Liberation was an immediate hit among the repressed upper classes of Victorian London, an intoxicant (and a mild steroid) that freed one from the shackles of social expectation – and lead its users into debaucheries of all kinds. But there were a few complications. Edward Hyde was not dead, but rather imprisoned by the police, with Utterson as his jailer. And the serum, like its predecessor, had a vital ingredient that was hard to come by legally: human adrenal glands. In fact, it was the need for these that drove Utterson to commit the series of murders and mutilations that became known as the crimes of Jack the Ripper.

Edward Hyde and Inspector Thomas Adye tracked Utterson to his lair and killed him in the ensuing confrontation. Also destroyed were all remaining supplies of Liberation, Utterson’s notes for making more and Mr. Hyde – although it later turned out that he had faked his death, after he spent the next few weeks murdering Utterson’s pushers.