The Centre Cannot Hold goes meta!

First of all, my apologies for going so long with no new content being posted, and no way for you to leave comments. It turned out there was an obscure error in the installation of PHP on the server that took just forever to find. (Oddly enough, once found, it was surprisingly easy to fix – just needed to update the version of PHP.) So things should now be returning to normal.

Except that in some ways, they won’t, as this centre will indeed not entirely hold.

While this site was inaccessible, I started a new site, and have been quietly migrating some of the content from this site to it. You can find the new site at All of the timelines from this site will be moving to there, bit by bit, over the next month or two, as will the crossover reading orders. The idea is to centralise all of those features in a single location and make them easier to find and search. (And while I’m at it, I’ll be updating anything that needs updating, too, as well as adding some all new content, the first piece of which is already up.)

So as each thing moves across from the old site to the new, I’ll be removing it from here and replacing the relevant pages with pointers to the new site. Nothing is going to be lost in the transition, and so long as you don’t mind one extra click, you won’t even need to update your bookmarks.

Other big news coming soon (fingers crossed).

Looking for Players

This is Loki.God of Stories

Loki is the Deity of Stories. (And Gender Fluidity, but that’s not as important to our story. I might tell you about that later if it’s relevant.)

Loki has, historically, been one of the greatest villains of the Marvel Universe. They’ve fought Thor, teamed up with Doctor Doom, kidnapped Jane Foster and betrayed, well, anyone who trusted them. But lately, they’ve reformed. Sort of. Maybe. Somewhat.

Anyway, now that all of that Secret Warring is over, and things have more or less returned to normal in the Marvel Universe (insofar as the phrase “normal in the Marvel Universe” has any meaning), Loki has a problem. Loki’s favourite brother, the Odinson formerly known as Thor, is missing in action. No one has seen the former thunderer in months. Or they have, but something something timeline rewriting something something. Anyway, the big guy is missing, and Loki’s looking for a few good Avengers to help find him.

Trust them (?)

Loki the Trustworthy

We’ll be playing in Kingsbury – the frequency of sessions, the night of the week and the system are yet to be determined. I’m open to suggestions. Also, you can play an existing Marvel character (with some restrictions – no one gets to be Galactus) or a new one of your own creation.

Bad Medicine

If you’re a fan of both party games and Pharmacopoeia Fantastica, check out Bad Medicine. It’s a new game of horribly bad pharmaceutical drugs and their absurd (and often dangerous) side effects. If you’ve enjoyed reading about fictional drugs, imagine how much more fun you’ll have creating them!

Bad Medicine

I’m backing Bad Medicine – and I’ll be posting an after-action review or two once my copy arrives.

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

And welcome to The Centre Cannot Hold commemoration of one of the most misunderstood events in political history.

Like most people, I like it more for the symbolism than what it actually meant to the people behind it – the ideal of overthrowing a repressive government is much better than the reality of mass murder and Catholicism as the state religion.

Following this, you’ll find three posts that each, in their own way, deal with the legacy of Guy Fawkes. I hope you enjoy them, but whether you do or not, Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

I have a guest post up at The Conscience Vote

If you’re at all interested in the internet censorship debate, I think you’ll find it a thought-provoking read. Rather than discussing what this policy proposal is, I’ve focused on what it isn’t, but claims to be.

The post is entitled “The cynical exploitation of child abuse” – you should check it out.

Tell Ted Ballieu why cutting funds to libraries is a bad idea

More fun in today’s newspapers: Victorian State Government to slash funding for local libraries.

This is such breath-takingly stupid that I can’t imagine why they think it’s a good idea. I took a swing at figuring out the why in my letter to the Premier:
Continue reading

#sccr18 – The Australian Government wants to close copyright exceptions that help blind people

At the moment, the Australian government is part of a faction that’s lobbying to close the loopholes in the law that allow blind and other disabled people access to copyrighted material in ways that are simple and easy.

Apparently, copyright holders don’t already have enough legal protections, and are furthermore excused from displaying any sort of compassion.

Story here, legal details here and twitter feed following this here.

Most importantly, for Australians, this is where to register your response with our great and glorious government.

Spread the word, people!