The Rules of the Campaign for Symmetrical English

So, when I started this project, it was just for a bit of a laugh. But with a total of 117 words so far, and no real end in sight, I thought there should be some limits. These are the rules that I’ve evolved over time and now attempt to keep to:

  • Only English language words are eligible.
  • Loan words from other languages are fair game if they’re accepted as parts of English.
  • All words must be created from actual words by removing either a prefix or a suffix.
  • The words thus created must not already have a meaning in English, whether or not it relates to the symmetrical meaning.
  • The words thus created cannot start with any combination of consonants unless that combination is an accepted usage in English.
  • If it is possible to create multiple words by removing different prefixes or suffixes, then such words are valid if they meet the other rules. (e.g., since ‘a-‘ and ‘ab-‘ are both legal prefixes, both could removed from a word like ‘abacus’ to create new words.)
  • For the most part, derived terms (e.g. plurals, adverbial or adjectival forms, etc) will not be defined.

So, it isn’t going to be over any time soon, but you know, one day…

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