MetroFAIL: Myki

I know, I know, it’s kicking them while they’re down, but I’d feel much worse about it if the Myki system was at all well-implemented. Here’s a quick list of its failures, fuck-ups and falsifications:

  • The fares are often wrong – at least, according to self-appointed monitor site MykiLeaks, which announced recently that about a third of all Myki bills were inaccurate (see here for details.
  • This first problem is compounded by the poor layout and design of Myki statements, which lack the user friendliness of the average bank statement. While I don’t think they’re deliberately designed to conceal errors, I doubt that anyone much at Myki is sad about that little happenstance.
  • In a tacit admission of the system’s limits, Myki have been unable to make their tram readers work properly, which is why all tram trips are charged as if they take place in Zone 1. While this is great for people who catch the two tram routes affected, it’s less fair to the people who have to catch trains or busses from Zone 2 to Zone 1, who do pay full price.
  • Myki as a system seems almost deliberately designed to be as unfriendly as possible to tourists, what with the extreme paucity of locations where a card can be obtained.
  • Most train stations only have Myki recharge points on one platform. While this is less of a problem right now that Metcard is still running in parallel, it’s going to be a huge inconvenience to pretty much every train traveller when Myki is running solo.
  • One of the big advantages of Myki – we are told – is that you can pay for your tickets in advance. But the system has experienced all sorts of problems in actually crediting any non-cash advance payments in a timely fashion, which has resulted in a number of people getting fines when they thought they had paid.

See you soon – but hopefully not too soon – with more instances of MetroFAIL!

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One Response to MetroFAIL: Myki

  1. Hady Nough says:

    Check this response to my not-working myki card inquiry. I can’t use the card for 3 days after I put $1.00 in a machine. We paid how much for this system?

    Dear xxxxxxxx,

    Thank you for contacting myki.

    We write in response to feedback we received, reference number xxxxxxx, regarding your online top up.

    Upon investigation, we have identified that you requested a $xx.00 top up to your myki on the xx/xx/201x. We have also identified a reimbursement of $x.00 was requested onto your myki.

    Please be advised that when you top up online or via the call centre, or a reimbursement is processed, an action is sent to every myki device to ensure that the request is loaded onto your myki wherever you next choose to touch on.

    We confirm that the reimbursement is no longer being sent to devices.

    To reactivate your reimbursement all you need to do is top up a minimum of $1.00 at a myki machine. The top up will trigger the reimbursement action to be resent to all devices, so after 24 to 48 hours, your reimbursement will be available upon next touch on. Once you have received your reimbursement onto your myki, your top up will be available the following day.

    Please be advised that touching your myki to a myki machine without topping up will not reactivate the action.

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