Starman Annotations

Hi, and welcome to the Starman Annotations at The Centre Cannot Hold.

Each week, I’ll be annotating another issue of James Robinson’s brilliant Starman series from DC comics, as well as assorted related stories (and not just the ones printed in the current Omnibus editions, either).

So expect to see annotations for a variety of appearances by Jack, Ted and David Knight, as well as a few other major characters.

I’ll also be putting together a chronology of the series as a whole, as well as individual chronologies for the more important characters.

Finally, from time to time, I’ll be adding in little essays and other such stuff. It’s going to be an adventure, folks – and one I hope you’ll join me on from next week onwards.

A Note Regarding the Format of Annotations:
The annotations will be structured as a hybrid form drawing on elements of Lou Mougin and Mark Waid’s excellent Crisis on Infinite Earths Annotations (sadly long out of print – although rumour has it that it was reprinted with the Absolute Edition – can anyone verify this for me?), and also elements of the Lurker’s Guide to Babylon 5‘s episode guide.

So in addition to full credits for each issue, a guide to where it has been printed and reprinted and a panel by panel annotation of references and events, you can also expect to see a list of unanswered question, analysis of the story, its place in the larger arc and any other commentaries from creators, bloggers, etc.

Issues annotated to date:

  • Starman #0 (October 1994)
  • Starman #01 (November 1994)
  • Starman #02 (December 1994)
  • Starman #03 (January 1995)
  • Starman #04 (February 1995)
  • Starman #05 (March 1995)
  • Starman #06 (April 1995)
  • Starman #07 (May 1995)
  • Starman #08 (June 1995)
  • Starman #09 (July 1995)
  • Starman #10 (August 1995)
  • Showcase 95 #12 (December 1995)
  • Starman #11 (September 1995)
  • Starman #12 (October 1995)
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