I like to like things. Books, films, comics, songs, you name it – I like the stories we make to amuse and inform each other. But more than that, I like the culture that they arise from, the way it feeds back into itself, with endless call backs and references, whether to historical events or other cultural works. Annotations fall into a sort of grey area, neither text nor subtext. Like the text, they’re right there in front of us; like the subtext, they take a little work to fully understand.

And that work is one that I enjoy immensely. Here are a few of the works I’ve annotated in the past:

  • The Annotated Ten Commandments
  • “Batman: Holy Terror” Annotations
  • “Keating! The Musical” Annotations
  • “Starman” Annotations
  • “V2K: Four Horsemen” parallel storylines
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