You have a number of options for subscribing to this site. There’s this selection for catching every post, one way or another:

  Announcements for each new post and occasional chatter.
The Centre Cannot Hold » Update  
  One new post each week with a complete list of all the other new posts for that week.
The Centre Cannot Hold » Everything  
  Every new post, every day.
The Centre Cannot Hold » Comments  
  Every comment on any post.

There’s also some feeds just for particular categories, in case you’re only interested in one particular aspect of The Centre Cannot Hold:

The Centre Cannot Hold » Blogging  
  All posts from the Blogging section.
The Centre Cannot Hold » Media  
  All posts from the Media section.
The Centre Cannot Hold » Original Fictions  
  All posts from the Original Fictions section.
The Centre Cannot Hold » Wunderkammer  
  All posts from the Wunderkammer section.

If your preference is for some other specific category of post you’d like to subscribe to a feed of, please let me know and I’ll enable it too.

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