About This Site

The Centre Cannot Hold is, appropriately, a blog with no particular centre. It’s a place for me to pursue my pop culture obsessions, and report back on my explorations of the field.

At the moment, you can expect to see two new posts a day here:

  • If there’s an event and a song about it, there will be a new entry in the Rock’n’Roll History of the World, where I explain the history behind the lyrics.
  • If there isn’t a new entry in that History, there will be another post from one of the assorted other features on the site.
  • Four to six days a week, there will be a new entry in the Campaign for Symmetrical English, where I unpick the irregularities of the English langauge.
  • Every Monday, the last post of the day is the Weekly Update, which details all the new additions and revisions to the site over the course of the last week.

Most weeks, you’ll also find new additions and refinements made to the Trade Paperback Timelines section, which offers suggested orders for consuming a wide variety of pop cultural items. New sections are added to here frequently, and most weeks will see some updates added to the existing timelines to reflect newly released material.

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